Italian Online

Torre di Babele wants to contribute to the community of Italian language learners. This page reflects our mission of teaching Italian to the world.  We decided to create an index of online resources created by Torre di Babele’s Academics Department. These resources seek to fulfill the gap of online resources that teach students particular topics of the Italian language.

The first part of our online resources are modules which consist of  Italian video lessons and their respective exercises. At the end of each video lesson you will find a downloadable pdf file with an exercise and key to correct your mistakes.

  1. Reflexive Verbs (Video Lesson) – Exercise & Key (PDF File)
  2. Regular Verbs Conjugation- Present Tense (Video Lesson) - Exercise & Key (PDF File)
  3. Situational Italian – Conjugation of the Italian Verbs in IRE (Video Lesson)

We would like the community to tell us what they think, how can we improve these free materials and enhance their learning experience online. The modules are design to bring you small bits of Italian that you can learn in your spare time and could help you clarify doubts or teach you how to use a particular verb, grammar structure, or improve your speech.

Please use the form below to send us your suggestions. We will gladly receive them and implement them as fast as we can. We send you our warmest greetings form the Eternal city. Thank you for taking the time to help us. Hopefully, one day we will be able to welcome you here in Rome.

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